Seafood cook book

Book Title : Rick Stein’s Complete Seafood A Step-by-Step Reference

Published : April 2008

No. of Pages : 264 pages

Binding : Paperback

Author : Rick Stein

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About This Book:

As the same suggests, this is a complete reference book of seafood which does not only contain recipes but it also proved information about various species of fish according to their habitat and region. The book is divided into three parts contained in a total of thirteen chapters.

The first part gives a very thorough and complete insight on preparation and cooking of fish such as smoked, raw or even cured fish. This part elaborates more on the different methods and techniques that have been used in seafood cooking industry and it gives a very precise as well as detailed information on preparation as well as cooking seafood by various possible methods.

  • Part 1 – Techniques
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Preparing Fish
  • Chapter 2 – Cooking Fish
  • Chapter 3 – Preparing raw, smoked, and cured fish
  • Chapter 4 – Preparing and cooking seafood

The second part of this book is comprised of recipes of nearly all kinds of seafood which can hardly be found any other seafood recipe book of the same popularity and price. Out of thirteen chapters, there are a total of eight chapter that contains over 150 seafood recipes supported by nearly 600 step-by-step illustrated and color photographs. Rick Stein also give alternate fish names for his recipes so that if you are not able to find one on your market or country, you can make the dish by using other available fish. Since Rick runs a few seafood restaurants and has been cooking seafood for long time so you will be able to see the recipe of seafood meals that are served at his restaurants, all through this single book.

  • Part 2 – Recipes
  • Chapter 5 – Soups, stews, and mixed seafood
  • Chapter 6 – Large meaty fish, skate, and eels
  • Chapter 7 – Large Round fish
  • Chapter 8 – Small round fish
  • Chapter 9 – Flatfish
  • Chapter 10 – Crustaceans
  • Chapter 11 – Mollusks and other seafood
  • Chapter 12 – Stocks, Sauces, and Basic Recipes

In the third and final part of his book, Rick has classified world seafood in a very comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date way with the help of tables and photos of different kinds of seafood. This encyclopedia is a gem as this sort of information is hard to find specially if you are one of those who loves to cook seafood and are always looking for new recipes but have a limited species available. So this book of seafood will also help you identify and differentiate different species according to their region which is a real help for all seafood cooks

  • Part 3 – Information
  • Chapter 13 – Seafood Families
  • Identifying Seafood – Pictures of seafood animal groups
  • Classifying Seafood – Species which may be substituted for one another
  • Index of Recipes


About Author :

Rick Stein is an English Chef who successfully runs four restaurants in a small Cornish fishing village of Padstaw. Rick Stein has also appeared in several TV shows featuring most of the time food recipes mostly of seafood. Rick has individually written 11 cook books on seafood. His TV shows, restaurants and cookbooks have collectively received over a dozen awards during the past 10 years. His inspiration and passion to cooking lies in fresh seafood and it is this passion and willingness that made people call him the “Celebrity Chef”. Over the past years, Rick Stein has cooked meals for many famous personalities including French President Jacques Chirac and the Queen and the Prince Philip Tony Blair.

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