Nylon Nonstick Utensils

You can only prolong the life of your nonstick cookware by making sure that you never use metal utensils with them. Only wooden, rubber and other heat resistant plastic should be used. The problems with most wooden utensils is that they are not easy to clean and are also overly priced. The best solution is to get a nylon utensil set that is highly heat resistant, is nonstick and is also very easy to clean just like these Cuisinart Nonstick utensils which come in a set of 6.

These nonstick utensils are made of heat resistant nylon which can with stand temperatures as high as 450 F. There are a total of 6 utensils in this nonstick set each of which is 14 inches long so you will not be burning your hand from hot food splashes. The set includes :

– 1 spatula
– 1 spoon
– 1 slotted spoon
– 1 fork
– 1 turner
– 1 ladle

Each of the above listed utensils have nylon handles with ABS coating which always keeps them cool when in use. Each tool is approximately 14 inches long so if you are looking for long handles then these Cuisinart nonstick utensils are undoubtedly the best choice you can get for your nonstick cookware. All the nylon utensils are also very easy to clean after every use as they are dishwasher safe and due to their nonstick nature, they are also very easy to clean by hands.

You can easily purchase these Cuisinart Nonstick Utensils from Amazon (with FAST shipping) at a special 15% discount price. You can also order any of the above nonstick utensils separately specially if you have more number of nonstick pots and pans then you might want to own the same number of nonstick utensils. For example if you have two stock pots then if is best to have at least have two ladles in case you use both the pots at the same time.