Black & Decker Coffee Machine


A cup of tea or coffee in morning or any time of the day helps a lot in refreshing and restoring the energy required to do work all the day long. People who don’t have much time and have to move frequently from place to place couldn’t have the pleasures of enjoying a hot cup of morning coffee. For these people Black & Decker has designed a DCM18S Brew ‘n Personal Coffee Maker which can quickly brew a cup of coffee in a safe stainless steel mug.

Black & Decker Coffee MachineDespite of having removable filter this single cup coffee machine has also got a permanent filter which lasts for long and is embedded in the inner body so you don’t need another disposable filter. All the parts including mug, lid, filter and filter basket are made dishwasher safe for convenience for consumers. The machine automatically shuts off when the brewing process ends, which lasts for approximately 5 minutes.

Though the machine can brew excellent coffee as available in any coffee shop, the thing to notice is the mug body which is made mobile and hence this coffeemaker is best suited for commuters on the move. The mug of this single cup coffee machine has stainless steel body just like a thermos. It has rubber handle so that it is easy to grip and has lid so that the coffee would remain hot for long. It is designed in such a way that it will easily fit in any vehicle cup holder as it has tapered shape at the bottom.

This single cup coffee machine is not only designed for commuters but it also suitable for small families. I also have this coffeemaker because none of my family members like to have a coffee in morning but I can hardly resist coffee any time of the day.

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