When it comes to roll top chafers, Browne-Halco comes next to All-Clad Chafing dishes. They produce quality chafers for all size gatherings from simple designs to those gold plated legs and handles. A Browne-Halco roll top chafer can be found in many shapes and designs, the most widely used ones are the rectangular (Harmony), Octave-round and the Octave-rectangular roll top design. Continue reading below to learn more about each of the three designs.

Browne-Halco Harmony Roll Top Chafer – Full Size

Harmony Roll Top Chafer [asa]B002VWKFPK[/asa]

The Browne-Halco Harmony series roll top chafer has a very simple design and that is why it is priced lower than other best selling roll top chafers. The Harmony chafer measures 26.5×21.5×16 inches and it has a restaurant quality finish with the finest 18/10 composition of stainless steel which gives it elegant appearance. The chafer has a roll top cover that retracts up to 180 degrees and can also be completely removed without using any other tool. This Browne-Halco chafer has mounting studs for electric heater plus the chafing fuel cans that are provided with it are also made of stainless steel.

Browne-Halco Octave / Round Roll Top Chafer – Dripless

round Roll Top chafer


The other bestselling Browne-Halco roll top chafer is the Octave-round chafing dish with a highly appealing and elegant design. This chafer measures 20x20x22.5 inches. Unlike the simple design Harmony chafer, this Octave-round roll-top chafer has a dripless water pan which prevents water from dripping on the table which would otherwise create a mess. This one also has a roll-top lid that retracts up to 180 degrees and can also be removed. If you are planning to have these displayed on special occasions such as wedding, these are the ones to get. Like other Browne-Halco chafers, this one also has a mounting stud for electric heater.

Browne-Halco Octave / Rectangular Roll Top Chafer – Dripless

Octave Roll Top Chafer [asa]B002VWKFOQ[/asa]

The same design follows in this Octave-rectangular roll top chafer by Browne-Halco. This one measures 26.5×21.5×16 inches and it also has a full size dripless water pan. It is mostly suited for main course. The Octave-rectangular chafer also has the same restaurant quality finish as it is made of the same finest 18/10 stainless steel. This roll top chafer also has mounting studs for electric heater. Like other Browne-Halco chafers, this one also has a 180-degree retractable roll top lid that can easily be removed for cleaning and filling purpose.