Copper Wine Chiller


What the Dutch people used earlier to keep their favorite wine bottles chilled is still considered by many wine lovers specially if you are in outdoors and cannot utilize your electric wine chiller. The photo above is of Old Dutch copper wine chiller or simply an ice bucket made of copper. Continue reading below to learn more about this wine chiller.

It is a sufficient size copper wine chiller bucket measuring 9.5 x 7.5 x 7.25 inches and it weighs 2 lbs only. This wine chiller bucket is made of fine quality copper metal which makes it very rugged and durable to last for years. The copper is further polished and given mirror finish. It has two handles on either side which are made of brass.

This old Dutch copper wine chiller bucket has a 3.5 Quart capacity. Unlike other similar copper buckets, this one is made tarnish-resistant by applying lacquer coating. Cleaning this wine chiller bucket is just a snap. Just use a damp cloth and then wipe off any residue with the help of dry cloth. It is recommended to hand wash it before storing it.

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