Home Seltzer - iSi Seltzer maker bottle


Not happy with store made seltzer, no worries as you can make seltzer on your own with the iSi seltzer bottle. This is a product by iSi who is renowned Austrian manufacturer of similar products. Continue reading below to learn more about this iSi seltzer bottle.

Unlike other plastic seltzer bottles, this iSi seltzer bottle kit is made of aluminum finish which is very durable. It comes with a CO2 charger that is enough for making 1 L of carbonated water or any drink of your choice. When you make seltzer at home you control every aspect of it such as amount of CO2 you charge in your drink, flavor etc. This seltzer bottle has very secure neck threads so it has one of the top and most effective pressure regulating system.

With home seltzer, you cut down the cost per liter and another great reason for using an aluminum seltzer bottle is to reduce the plastic waste that keeps piling at a rapid pace. The CO2 charger that comes with this seltzer maker can make up to 32 ounces of soda water. Additional refill bottles can easily be connected. When the seltzer bottle is not in use, it is advised to store it safely in a refrigerator.

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