Ninja Pro Blender NJ600 is a countertop professional grade blender for making any kind of smoothies, blend, frozen drinks, chop veggies, etc. This Euro Pro Ninja XL model is also the best affordable blender which does perfect processing, chopping, blending, crushing and mixing with the powerful motor and sharp blades.

This Best Affordable Blender by Ninja consists of three major parts assembly:

  • 72 oz. generous pitcher with lid
  • 1000-watts professional grade motor
  • 6 blade attachment

The pitcher of this Ninja Pro Blender has a glass body with maximum capacity of 72 oz. or 9 cups mixture to blend smoothly. It easily fits onto the countertop motor and perform processing when its sharp 6-blade attachment is set into the pitcher. The motor has three different speed buttons with PULSE control for doing processing of any type including chopping, blending and crushing as given below:

Power Buttons

Functions ON/OFF

1 Processing & Mixing
2 Blending & Crushing
3 Pureeing & Liquefying
PULSE Controlled Processing & Burst of Power

This Ninja XL 6-blade technology is powerful enough that it can crush ice cubes into powdery snow form in seconds. As far as its cleaning is concerned the pitcher, blade and the lid are made dishwasher safe but can also be can be cleaned with soapy water.

If you want top blender for smoothies and food processing then this Ninja Pro Blender NJ600 would be a perfect option for you and you can easily purchase this Best Affordrable Blender online from Amazon store at discount price of $97 with Free Shipping.