Hand Blender


Features :

– Immersion blender equipped with 200-watts motor.

– Sharp and durable stainless steel blades provide smooth blending.

– Splash guard prevents ingredients from splattering.

– Simple one had operation, push button operation.

– Comes with a 2-cup plastic beaker.

– Dishwasher safe blade and shaft.

– 3-year limited warranty – FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

Cuisinart is one of the renowned name in manufacturing hand blenders and cuisinart hand blender CSB 76 is the most perfect for blending smoothies, cocktails, purees and mash soups. It is available in two colors, white and Brushed chrome. Its stunning features make it more attractive and unique from other hand blenders like sharp blade with blade guard, comfort grip and easy cleaning are prominent features which are mentioned below:

Features of Cuisinart Hand Blender CSB 76:

1. Control Button

This toggle button is for ON/OFF control. It is one touch button which can easily be pressed with your fingers and hence provide you and easy control over blade actions.

2. Sharp Stainless Steel Blade

It has stainless steel blade with blade guard which protects from splattering of liquid while blending. The sharp stainless steel blade is able to blend everything very easily to give smooth texture to the mixture being blended.

3. Easy Cleaning

The blending shaft can be cleaned very easily by removing the shaft body from the upper motor assembly. It is also dishwasher safe so you can wash it in your dishwasher as well but always try to use soft material for washing and cleaning.

4. Blending Cups:

Two mixing cups are also provided with this blender which are not only safe for blending but also dishwasher safe.

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How to handle this Cuisinart hand blender ?

Following are the key points to remember while using this blender so that it may work smoothly and or longer periods:

1. Avoid liquid contact with the body

Never immerse motor body in liquid. This will protect motor from getting damaged. If by mistake it is immersed in liquid, quickly turn of the blender and dry it by using soft cloth.

2. Don’t put hard ingredients
Always try to put those ingredients which are mentioned in the user guide and avoid blending hard ingredients. The best method of blending is that always put coarsely chopped ingredients and remove skins where necessary. Don’t try to put large cube of ice to blend, it would damage your blade and will cause premature failure of this appliance.

3. Don’t fill beaker more than half

It is better to fill beaker to just 3/4 or 1/2 level otherwise the mixture would over flow and your blending area will be a mess.

Recipes For Cuisinart Hand Blender CSB 76

You can make different types of smoothies, drinks, soups and purees for gravy by using this cuisinart hand blender. Some of the recipes are shown in the user guide of this hand blender including blueberry banana smoothie, strawberry kiwi smoothie, peach margarita, asparagus soup, potato and roasted garlic soup, green chili sauce, mushroom gravy, mayonnaise, berry coulis, etc. You can get the rest of the recipes from the following blender recipe books.

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Customer views about this product:

Most of the customer reviews are found in favor of this cuisinart hand blender and most of the customers liked its sharp blade and detachable shaft body. So this product nearly satisfies 98% of its customers.

Availability And Price:

Cuisinart hand blender CSB 76 model is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price tag just under $60.