All kinds of cooking aprons for men women and kids
Apron is an outer covering which is used to protect cloth from getting dirty. These are worn by men, women and even kids (see below). Most of the people think that aprons are only related to food industry where chefs and waiters have to wear cooking aprons during work or homeworker like your mom wears apron while cooking in kitchen. Besides the use of aprons during cooking, aprons are also used for other purposes. Different designs of aprons are made depending upon the work requirement for example nurses wear specially designed aprons, those who work in chemical industry have to wear aprons to protect their cloth from chemicals, plumbers and auto workers also wear this protective covering. Similarly, aprons are used where people do some practical work to save their cloth from wear and tear.

Being a home cook for many years I would like to share some important information regarding cooking aprons which can be used in kitchen so that you get to know what type of apron you should wear and which apron fulfills your requirement. Aprons are available in two styles:
A woman wearing a bib apron

1. Bib Apron :

These aprons cover whole body so that your cloth remain safe right from top to bottom. The tie strips are located at the top and at waist, the upper strips are tied at the neck and the lower strips are tied at waist so that the apron remain attached to your body and does not get loose. In other design of this apron, both front and back covering are present and hence you don’t need to tie upper strips at neck, shoulder strips are there to hold .
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2. Waist Apron :

This is how a waist apron looks like
These aprons cover only lower part of your cloth and are tied at waist so they are not as much safe as bib aprons. They are used only when you are doing cutting and chopping. Use of such aprons while cooking may not be 100% safe for you and your cloths .

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How to choose fabric of Apron ?

The fabric of cooking aprons should be water proof so that it would not get messy so early. Aprons are usually made of rubber, cotton and also oilcloth apron. Generally people wear aprons made of rubber as these do not require frequent washing. But during summers and even long hours of cooking it is best to use a cotton apron. Nowadays, different colorful prints are available on aprons, mostly chef aprons have these prints which may be logo or sign of famous restaurants or food organization where they are working. Printed aprons are also available for home cook but the print consists of vegetable baskets, flowers and many more.

Cooking Aprons are designed for men, women, kids, moms, fathers etc. Below you will find some specially designed aprons to choose from.

Aprons for Men :

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Apron for Women :

[asa]B000SROUH4[/asa] [asa]B001R7XYFI[/asa] [asa]B000TJYM2O[/asa] [asa]B000TK6GEU[/asa] [asa]B000SQN3TG[/asa]

Apron for Kids :

[asa]B001IIIWB2[/asa] [asa]B001682RL0[/asa] [asa]B001IIKX82[/asa] [asa]B002CBST26[/asa] [asa]B00021Y0HG[/asa]

Aprons for Moms :

[asa]B002DH2OCK[/asa] [asa]B0009UKZM4[/asa] [asa]B000ANNSH4[/asa] [asa]B000FULE64[/asa] [asa]B001VW9QQA[/asa]

Aprons for Dads :

[asa]B000GF7O8K[/asa] [asa]B000HVFWEG[/asa] [asa]B000BEPOZG[/asa] [asa]B000FLH0UM[/asa] [asa]B000GM6OHK[/asa]

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