Frozen Yogurt maker


Features :

– Fully automatic icecream machine saves time for other work.

– Can make ice creams, yogurt, sorbet and other frozen desserts.

– Make ice creams and other desserts up to 2 quarts.

– Double insulated freezer bowl.

– Has large sprout for adding flavors while machine is in operation.

– Comes with instruction book and recipes.

– Has limited 3-year warranty.

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online

Detailed Description

After refrigerator I think the most demanding kitchen appliance is Icecream Machine and usually people prefer to eat ice creams and frozen desserts in summer season. But the most annoying thing with the traditional ice cream machines is that you have to put ice and salt frequently while mixing ingredients in icecream machine and this forces people to buy ready made ice cream from store and spend extra money. To eliminate this problem cuisinart has introduced different models of automatic icecream machine among which ICE-30BC Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker is one of the best ice cream makers. This ice cream maker is not only capable of making ice creams but it also makes frozen yogurt, drinks, sorbet, sherbet and other wonderful frozen desserts which you can enjoy during the summer season.
Its main features include

  • Making recipes in just under 25 minutes,
  • 2-quart capacity of freezing bowl equal to 8 cups of ice cream
  • Easy to operate and clean

Easy to Assemble Parts:

After opening this icecream machine, the first thing which inspired me is its easy assembly so that the freezing bowl can be easily assembled and disassembled. Just open the lock, fix the freezer bowl and insert the mixing paddle/arm into the freezer. In this way, the cleaning of machine becomes very easy and you can clean every part by using soft cloth and also wash the freezer bowl. The transparent lid lock allows you to clearly watch the mixing process so that you may examine the thickness of the dessert dessert.

Automatically Makes Recipes:

Another stunning feature is its automatic functioning for that you have to put the ingredients from the top entrance, lock the lid and turn on the machine and now you don’t need to do anything else just wait for 20-25 minutes to complete the mixing process. In the mean while you can do another work and hence this ice cream machine saves your time by eliminating the problem of adding ice and salt during mixing.

Large Freezer Bowl:

The 2-quart capacity of freezer bowl is sufficient for you family and you can make ice cream or any dessert in just 20 minutes at a time. The freezer bowl is designed with double wall which is enough to keep your ice cream cool all the time while mixing. The freezer bowl requires freezing time 6-22 hours or you may check the right status of freezer bowl by shaking it. If you feel the cooling material is still in liquid form then let is cool for a little more till it becomes frozen and then you are ready to make your recipe.

Tip : It is better if you put your freezer bowl all the time in fridge and take out only at the time of making recipe.

The End Flavor of Ice Cream:

The Ice cream or any other recipe which is prepared by using this awesome machine is very soft, smooth and creamy just like any other good brand ice cream you buy from store, so eating delicious ice cream any time at home is now easy with this cuisinart icecream machine. The other main recipe which can be prepared by this machine is frozen yogurt hence its name frozen yogurt maker. You can also make variety of frozen drinks in this ice cream maker whose recipes are mentioned in the guide which comes free with this appliance.

Availability And Price:

This Cuisinart ICE-30BC Yogurt-Sorbet and Ice cream Maker is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $80.

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