Professional salad shooter by Presto


Features :

– 114 Watts Professional salad shooter by Presto, ideal for making salads and other treats.

– Make thin or thick slices of vegetables, fruits and various other food items.

– Able to shred cheese, chocolate, bread, nuts, olives etc (see complete list).

– Comes with 4 different cones for making thick or thin slices, ripple cut and shredded food.

– Has large food chamber accompanied by adjustable food guide that supports small and large food items.

– Simply point and shoot professional salad shooter to any pot, pan or even directly grate cheese on top of pizza.

– All the parts are easy to mount and remove and are dishwasher safe except the motor base.

– Comes with 1-year limited warranty by Presto.

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

This Professional salad shooter by Presto is one handy appliance that will make slicing,grating and shredding a lot of fun and will also save you a lot of time when making salads and other tasty treats such as a taco or pizza. Below some of handy features of this salad shooter electric slicer/shredder are highlighted and discussed in more details :

114 Watts Powerful Professional Slicer :

This professional salad shooter has a 114 watts motor which is more than enough for slicing and shredding fruits and vegetables. Even commercial slicers that are used for slicing meats and cheeses have a similar power motor so slicing and shredding with this handy little salad shooter is a lot easier and effortless as compared to manual mandolin slicers.

Salad Shooter with Slicer/Shredder :

This salad shooter comes with four different type of cutting cones each serving a slightly different purpose. The first cone is used for shredding cheese,bread etc. The second cone is used for making thick slices of most of the fruits and vegetables. The third cone is used for making very thin slices and the fourth cone is used for producing ripple cuts for making attractive salads. To find out what different kinds of fruits, vegetables and foods can be used with this salad shooter, see [complete list] below.

Large Food Chamber and Handy Food Guide :

The chute is of reasonable size so that you can easily guide most of the foods into the salad shooter without having to cut it first. This makes it even more handy and a big time saving slicer. So slicing and shredding with this salad shooter is a lot easier that in other professional and bulky slicers.

Point and Shoot Where ever You Want :

Unlike other over sized salad shooters and slicers you do not need a separate plate for collecting your food when they come out of the slicer as you can easily hold this professional salad shoot right on top of your salad bowl or over a pot. The funnel at the outlet guide the food where it is directed so no chance of wasting even a single slice.

Easily To Handle Clean and Store :

All the parts in this professional salad shooter easily retracts for washing and are dishwasher safe except the motor base for which cleaning with a slightly damp cloth is recommended. Due to its small size (12.5 x 11.8 x 5 inches) storing this salad shooter is also no big deal.

Price and Availability :

With a list price of $69.99, this professional salad shooter by Presto (model : 02970) can easily be purchased for a much less price from Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $50.

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