Kitchen Weigh Scale by OXO


Features :

– Measures up to 11 lbs.

– Measures as accurate as 1/8 of an ounce or 1 gram.

– Ideal Kitchen weigh scale for cooks and for those on a dieting schedule.

– Digital display pulls out of the weigh scale for easy viewing when readout area hides below a large plate or bowl.

– The display has an offset for zeroing the weight of containers and for adding more ingredients.

– This digital indicator also indicates the remaining capacity of this weigh scale to prevent overloading.

– Display has a back light so that you can measure even in low light areas.

– Comes with four AAA batteries, no cords required.

– Stainless steel body makes cleaning super easy.

– Slim in size and can be stored anywhere or even be left on counter top.

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

Having a kitchen weight scale that measures all the ingredients is real handy if you make meals that require precision quantities of ingredients or if you are on a dieting schedule and are required to measure food quantities frequently. This cook scale by OXO is one of the top rated food kitchen weight scale that lets you measure food weights with ease. Some of its handy features are highlighted below :

11 Pounds Ideal Cook Scale :

Unlike other small weight scales, this weighing scale has a capacity to measure up to 11 pounds of food items. This will save your time specially when your ingredients weigh more than 4-6 lbs. This 11 lbs capacity ensures that you are right on the schedule and will not be required to split your measurements.

Measuring Accuracy :

The least it can weight is 1 gm or 1/8 of an ounce which give you very precise measurement of ingredients specially for spices that are only to be added an very little quantities.

Ignores Container Weight :

This handy kitchen weigh scale lets you nullify the weight of the container that you have placed on it so that you only get the weight of the ingredients. To do this you first have to place the empty container over the weight scale and then zero the reading by pressing a single button. This will bring the weight reading to zero from here onwards you can add your ingredients to the container that is already placed on the scale.

Remaining capacity – Overload Indicator :

The digital display on this weight scale also displays the remaining capacity in weights so that you do not overload this scale by placing a load more that 11 lbs.

Pull-Out Display with Back-Light(Optional) :

The ability to pull-out the display makes this kitchen weight scale very unique and effective as compared to its counter parts. This feature comes in handy when the readout display hides under a large plate or bowl. Then you can easily pull out the digital display and view the readings. Also equipped with a blue color back light so that you can measure food weights in low light conditions.

Battery Powered Weight Scale :

No need to worry about cables as this kitchen weight scale comes with 4 AAA size batteries this this food scale can easily be moved from place to place.

Easy to Clean and Store :

The weighing platform is made of stainless steel that retracts from the body this scale and can easily be cleaned. Due to its very slim appearance, this cook scale can easily be stored any where in the kitchen or even be left on the counter top.

Price and Availability:

This handy kitchen weight scale by OXO is easily available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $50.

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