BBQ Temperature Fork - Thermometer Fork

Today our product in review is a very handy cooking gadget especially for those people who take keen interest in making BBQ food and want to make sure that the food they serve is not undercooked. It is a BBQ temperature fork designed to eliminate the guess work and make perfectly cooking food from the inside as well. This is a product by Cuisinart. Continue reading below to learn more about this handy looking thermometer fork.

This Cuisinart thermometer fork is a programmable digital temperature measuring gadget with a handy timer feature. It has a variety of temperature settings to match the type of food that your are bbq-ing. This bbq temperature fork also has audible alarms as well as flash lights for indicating that your preset temperature limit has been reached or exceeded so you do not have to look at the temperature readings again and again.

This Cuisinart programmable thermometer fork also has a variable 99 minutes countdown timer that comes in handy for all sorts of bbq tasks such as marinating, basting, turning etc. This bbq temperature fork also has a sufficiently large LCD display that indicates countdown timer as well as temperature readings. The digital interface of this programmable thermometer fork can easily be removed for cleaning the fork. The digital thermometer fork is also dishwasher safe. There is a loop at the end of its handle for hanging the fork.

Where To Buy ?

The Cuisinart Programmable BBQ temperature fork is available at Amazon (with FAST shipping) at a special 30% discount price.