There are various kinds of costume themes for infants i.e. kids under 4 weeks old. Infant Halloween costumes have themes such as animal, cartoon, Sci-fi, superhero, horror etc. The best part about these baby costumes is that these are not very expensive as very less amount of fabric and other material is used in its making. You can also browse other Halloween related items at the Halloween Store by which not only contains Halloween baby costumes but you will also find thousands of other interesting items such as wigs, hats, masks for Halloween, makeup, treats, candy etc.

Animal Themed Infant Costumes

These are the most adorable looking infant costumes and can be found in lots of attractive colors and designs. You can find infant puppy costumes as well as costumes for lions, bear, elephant, bird, kitten, bee etc. Most of the infant animal themed costumes have an average price of $30.

Cartoon Theme Infant Halloween Costumes

These cartoon themed infant Halloween costumes can be of any popular cartoon character such as Scooby Doo, Pink panther or even from the cartoon series Flintstones or Simpsons. These attract others attention and are definitely the ones you should look before deciding which one to buy.

Profession Theme Infant Costumes

These are professional themed infant Halloween costumes. Just imaging your baby dressed like an athlete or a cop. Although these are not in much demand but they look very nice especially if your kid is the one having a lot of attitude is full of expressions.

Classic Infant Halloween Costumes

The classic Halloween theme is the theme of Horror and evil where you would be seeing lots of infant costumes for devils, zombies, ghosts, pirates etc.

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