Grill Brush


We have seen all kinds of crazy methods for cleaning a bbq grill after long hours of bbq and grilling. Some methods are really labor intensive unless you are using steam to clean your grill. The grill cleaning brush shown above makes use of steam in order to clean almost all kinds of grills. This grill cleaning brush is a product by Grill Daddy. Continue reading below to learn more about this cleaning brush.

This Grill Daddy cleaning brush is best suited for grills made of steel, cast iron, porcelain etc. It has a reservoir for filling water and as you clean with this grill brush, the water will turn into steam provided that your grill is turned ON. This helps in removing tough baked, bbq food with minimum effort. The Grill Daddy cleaning brush has strong stainless steel bristles that will allow you to clean even in between grates of your grill as well as its surface.

The Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush has a very comfortable grip and fits in almost all sizes of hands even if you are wearing protective gloves. The brush attachment can be removed for easy cleaning in a dishwasher. A small loop is provided at the handle side for hanging this grill cleaning brush.

Where To Buy ?

This Grill Daddy grill cleaning brush is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price.