Water bather canner plus steam canner


No need to get a steam and a water bath canner separately and not to mention the extra storage place these two would require. The 2-in-1 water bath canner and steam canner is the ultimate solution for those who regularly do steam canning as well as water bath canning. Although this would can lots of food items but if you plan to can low acid foods then it is advised to only use a pressure canner. Low acid foods include many dairy products, many fruits, most of the nuts, seeds etc. This combo canner is a product by Victorio Kitchen Products. Continue reading below to find more about its features

This 2-in-1 Steam canner plus water bath canner is designed in such a way that it can easily accommodate 8 ounce jars easily. It has a complete stainless steel body which makes it very easy to clean and unlike other low grade metals, it will not catch rust and remain stain free. It has a very handy inner rack for placing jars independently so that they never come in contact with each other while the canning process takes place. Unlike other steam or water bath canners, this combo canner has a built-in thermometer which allows you measure the length of canning process with respective to heat exposure and this eliminates those old days guess work.

As a Steam Canner, it has a steam capacity up to 8 quarts which is sufficient enough for all sorts of steam canning tasks specially at home. On the other hand, as a water bather canner, this Combo 2-in-1 canner has a water bath capacity up to 7 quarts which is just about the perfect amount for immersing the jars almost 1-2 inches in water.

The Steam plus water bath canner has a total water capacity of 24 quarts which is a lot of space for carrying out other cooking tasks such as boiling water etc. This makes it a very handy combo canner which can be used for multiple purposes and the amount of durability and simplicity in the making of this product would make it last for years if taken proper care of.

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