52 Piece Cake Decorating Tips Set


When it comes to professional and hobby cake and pastry decoration, a decorating tips set is essential for making various attractive and colorful designs. The product in review is a set of 52 handy decorating tips by Ateco who have been producing cake decoration tools since 1905. Continue reading below to learn more about this set.

This set of cake decorating tips contain a total of 52 tips covering almost every shape and pattern which otherwise have to be purchased separately. With this 52-tip cake decoration set you will be able to complete almost all cake decoration tasks. Whether you are a professional or like to decorate as a hobby, this tips set will serve as a very handy addition to your decoration tools.

All the tips in this set are very compactly organized in an easy storage case so you can pick the one easily without wasting additional time searching for it. This cake decorating tips set also includes drop flower tube, rose petal tube, two no. 7 flower nails and a coupler. Very easy to store case and stainless steel tips will last for year of decoration and unlike other plastic and low grade metallic tips, these will neither break not catch any rust.

You can easily purchase this 52 piece Cake decorating tips set from Amazon (with FAST shipping) at a special discount price plus a bonus promotional offer which might end anytime. You can also look for some flower gumpaste cutters for making beautiful edible flowers.