Electric Wine Opener - Automatic and Recahrgeable


Last week we shared with our readers a manual wine opener and today it is a hassle free and effortless electric wine opener that does the same job but in a more convenient fashion. This is a product by Brookstone. Continue reading below to learn more about this automatic wine opener.

Although it is an electric wine opener but it has no electrical cords or wires that you have to tackle with. It is a completely rechargeable wine opener with built-in battery that has enough power to open up to 30 wine bottles after a full charge. This handy wine opener has a simple one touch operation which is way better than opening your wine with the help of a corkscrew. This wine opener works with both natural and synthetic corks.

This electric wine opener comes with a charging base as well as AC adopter which helps you charge it prior to opening wine bottles. Also included is a handy foil cutter. For those who love wine, this pump action wine opener will turn out to be an excellent gift which makes opening wine bottle supper easy.

This Automatic Electric Wine opener can easily be purchased from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price plus a bonus promotional offer which might end anytime.