Infrared Laser Thermometer


Today our product in review is an infrared laser thermometer designed for cooking aids and measuring temperatures where accuracy is a must such as in BBQ, grilling etc. This laser cooking thermometer is a product by Maverick Industries. Continue reading below to learn more about this remote cooking thermometer.

The laser BBQ thermometer measures only 7 x 1.5 x 1.2 inch and weighs less than 8 ounces. You can even carry it in your pocket. It has no wires and requires no charging. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries which are provided with this laser infrared thermometer. The BBQ thermometer has a large LCD and a backlight for taking readings in low light areas. It has a remarkable temperature measuring range. It can measure temperatures as low as -58 F and as high as 1022 F.

It is an instant laser cooking thermometer which is as good a real time temperature monitoring. This thermometer has a response time of just 1 second which is simply brilliant and way batter than those remote thermometers that take 5-10 seconds to take current temperature readings.

Using this laser cooking thermometer is very simple and easy. With its ergonomic design and small size it is rated as the top infrared laser thermometers. Just point the laser where you want the temperature to be measures. Make sure the laser beam is on your target spot. The BBQ thermometer will immediately tell you the temperature of that surface without you even getting closer to the heat source. The device works fine as far as 5 feet away from the source and requires no contact at all.

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