Koolatron Mini Fridge KWC-4 is a kind of portable electric cooler which can keep drinks cool all the time. Koolatron suggests that it may not only fit in small area like rooms, office cabins, kitchen, but also in cars as well. You can easily bring this Koolatron KWC-4 Personal Fridge with you while travelling for long distances during summer season when you want chilled beverages and water at most.

The Koolatron Mini Fridge is 11” deep, 8” wide and 11” high which easily carry 6 12 ounces cans at a time. It is capable to cool up to 32-degrees below ambient temperature, hence it can be used as refrigerator as well where you may put food containers or bowls to keep cool. It keeps your beverages chilled all the time without even melting ice if you put it into the drinks.

As far as the design of this Koolatron Mini Fridge is concerned, it has vibrant red exterior with white Coca-Cola trademark and self-locking recessed door handle. In addition, to keep its motor cool a fan is attached with it which throws hot air outside through the outlet at the back.

To keep this 4 liter capacity Koolatron Mini Fridge clean you will have to use warm damp cloth to clean the motor, fan and control panel vent, while the inside area must be cleaned periodically to remove any frost and condensation.

Where to Buy?

Since the Koolatron Mini Fridge has trademark of Coca Cola brand on the front, that’s why it comes with the same color contrast i.e. red body with white text color. It is available at many online stores but Amazon is offering it at 11% discount rate with Free Super Saver Shipping.