Best salad spinner by OXO


Features :

– Easy and simple to operate mechanism.

– Best Salad spinner for drying and cleaning lettuce, herbs, greens etc.

– This lettuce spinner has cushioned and soft non-slip knob.

– Has as button / break to immediately stop the salad spinner.

– Spinning knob easily locks down for storing this salad spinner.

– This lettuce spinner is also dishwasher safe only on top rack.

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

Having a lettuce spinner that does the drying and cleaning for you is a real time saver. Removing extra moisture from your greens is a lot quicker in a salad spinner than by using gravity and not to mention the extra time required. This OXO salad spinner is rated as the best salad spinner by buyers and sellers across the globe due to its simple design, easy operating mechanism and easy cleaning ability. Some of the features of this salad spinner are highlighted below:

Simple and Easy to Operate Mechanism

This lettuce spinner has a very simple spinning mechanism that lets you spin the lettuce with a single push. It has a large bowl inside which lies a smaller bowl which acts as the container for holding your lettuce and other greens. This smaller bowl also acts as a colander. So you place your greens in the smaller bowl put to top lid, unlock the knob and simply press the knob to spin.

A single push will spin the smaller bowl multiple time and due to the spinning action, a centrifugal force will throw all the moisture from your salad to the outer bowl where all the water gets collected at the bottom and you get dry salad. Just press and spin the inner bowl a couple of times and you are done. This is a big time saver. It reduces drying and cleaning of greens from minutes to seconds.

Lock and Store :

When you press the knob completely, there is a locking mechanism that holds the knob and keep it there until you unlock it. Ideal for storing dried greens in a refrigerator. You can also place it in a vertical position in your kitchen cabinet.

Easy to Clean – Dishwasher Safe :

This lettuce spinner by OXO is very easy to clean as it can not only be cleaned by hand but all its parts are dishwasher safe when placed on the top rack.

Ideal for Making Salads :

This lettuce spinner can not only be used for cleaning lettuce and other greens but you can also rinse and dry other vegetables such as shredded potatoes, cabbage, onions etc.

Price and Availability :

No reason why this salad spinner is rated as the best salad spinner as it comes with a very reasonable price which beats any other salad spinner of similar size and ability. You can purchase this salad spinner from Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price $24-$30 depending upon which size you order.

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