Norpro 12 Nonstick Donut Pan


This is a must have doughnut pan for those who like to make their own donuts at home. This donut pan is a product by Norpro. This baking pan is rated as the best donut pan by most of the buyers and sellers in USA alone. Continue reading below to learn more about this baking pan.

The doughnut pan measures 13 x 8 x 0.75 inches and weights under 1 lb. It has 12 spots for placing your doughnut dough so you can make a maximum of 12 doughnuts of relatively 2-inch size in a single batch. If you want to make more donuts in the same time then you may have to get more than one donut pan of the same brand and material to get similar results just like Norpro 6 Spots Donut Pan.

The entire doughnut pan is made of Durable nonstick coating which not only helps in easy release of donuts but also eliminates the need of greasing the pan. So you can easily cut extra calories by simply baking the donus in the Norpro Doughnut Pan and provide healthy low-calorie food to your family.

Unlike other bulky and deep donut baking pans, this one is very easy to store and does not take much space. Cleaning is a snap. Just place the doughnut pan under running tap of hot water to clean it. It is recommended to hand wash this pan after every use. When you purchase this baking pan you will also receive a recipe book for making donuts.

You can easily buy this Doughnut Pan from Amazon (with FREE shipping). This Norpro Doughnut Pan is also available in size of 6-counts which delivers slightly larger donuts of around 3.5-inch diameter.