Wall Mount Wine Opener


Not much left to say about this elegant piece of art. It is a wall mounted corkscrew that came right from the old times when there were not many such tools available for opening wine bottles. It is a very fine product by Wine Appreciation Guild and will turn out to be one great gift for those who are fond of drinking wine quite often. Continue reading below to learn more about this wall mounted wine opener.

This wall mounted corkscrew set can easily be installed in a room of your choice. It can be your kitchen, dining room or even your bed room. It approximately takes 2 seconds to remove cork from a wine bottle which is simply remarkable. Thanks to the old yet very effective lever mechanism which makes it almost effortless to uncork wine bottles.

This wall mount wine opener can open almost all size of wine bottles and remove a range of cork sizes. This handy wall corkscrew is made of complete steel metal which is further silver plated to add to its elegance and attractive appearance. This Wine Appreciation Guild wine opener comes in a very attractive looking storage and carrying case. When not in use, the wall mounted wine opener can be stored in it or carried to where ever you like. It will turn out to be a perfect gift for those who love wine and tend to uncork wine bottles on their own.

Where To Buy ?

This Wall mounted corkscrew is available at Amazon.com (with FAST shipping) at a special discount price.