wooden salad serving fork


There are not many exciting utensils when it comes to salad serving fork with the exception of Jonathan Spoons wooden salad fork. Specially designed for mixing and serving salad for all occasions either at home or in parties. Continue reading below to learn more about this wooden salad serving fork.

It is a complete wooden salad fork made in USA from 100% natural wild cherry and maple hardwoods. The fork stretches up to 10 inches in length. It is designed in a way that it is convenient for both left and right handles to use it for mixing and serving salad. The salad fork has natural wood texture which gives it elegant touch plus it even gets folded so that it does not take too much storage space.

For those who take keen interest in vegetables particularly in salads, this wooden salad fork will turn out to be one great gift that they will always admire. Cleaning this salad fork is very easy. Just use a small size brush to clean any leftovers. You do not have to wash it in water.

Where To Buy ?

The Jonathan Spoons wooden salad serving fork is available at Amazon.com (with FREE shipping) at a special 30% discount price till stock lasts. You can also browse the list of other best selling utensils used for salads.