Popcorn kit

Many love to grab a handful of yummy pop corns while enjoying a movie at theater where as there still are many of such folks who prefer to enjoy their own freshly made popcorns at the luxury of their homes. That is why Whirley decided to make an all in one popcorn kit that contains all the stuff that you need for making delicious home made popcorns.

This is a complete popcorn kit which includes :

– Whirley stove top popcorn popper
– Popcorn recipe book
– Two real theater popping kits
– Two kettle korn popping kits
– 16 oz of popcorn oil (rich blend of corn and coconut oil)
– 1 lb jar of real theater coconut popping oil.
– 4 x 1lb Fresh gourmet popping corns (baby white, yellow, purple and red popping corns)
– Movie theater style popcorn seasoning of zesty cheddar cheese, creamy ranch and buttery jalapeno.
– Delicious popcorn toppings which everyone loves
– A Jumbo size re-usable popcorn tub measuring 9.75″(Dia) x 8.5″(Dept)

If you are not interested in getting the entire kit then you may separately order the Whirley popcorn popper, pop corns and seasoning
which would cost you a little over $100 but this entire popcorn kit is much less than that and with the Christmas coming close, this will also turn out to be a great gift for your loved ones. The other plus point is that id includes a recipe book which contains the secret recipes required for making yummy pop corns at your home.

You can easily purchase this Popcorn Kit from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price of under $75. It will let you make up to 120 quart of yummy pop corns and this is a lot of pop corns so you will not be spending on pop corns for a long time and will always get the taste of freshly made pop corns from the luxury of your own home, any time of the year.