Frozen concoction Blender machine

When it comes to making frozen drinks with perfectly shaved ice, a concoction blender is the ultimate choice. But these professional series blenders are of very high price, even the very cheap ones cost over $1500. That is why, Margaritaville manufactured the DM1000 frozen Margaritaville Drink Machine that serves the same purpose and fits nicely in average family budget. The DM1000 is a frozen concoction maker with all the features of a commercial grade blender. Continue reading below to know more about Margaritaville DM1000.

Unlike other ice shavers or blenders, the DM1000 shaves the ice and blends it into the drink with the exact proportion that is required. All this is pre-programed in the Margaritaville DM1000 and you just have to add your ingredients in the 32 ounces glass jar, add some ice cubes in the top compartment and start the cycle. depending upon your selected quantity of drinks, the DM1000 automatically calculates the amount of ice to be shaved and then pours it at regular intervals while the blending process is in progress. With this powerful Margaritaville Drink Machine, your drinks get ready in seconds and you get restaurant-style drinks without leaving your house.

For the more advanced recipe makers, there is also a manual control in the front panel which allows you to control the quantity of shaved ice and the blending cycle. This Margaritaville Drink Machine allows more flexibility so that you can make your own drink in your own style.

Other features of the DM1000 Frozen Margaritaville Drink Machine include a very firm and stable footprint which holds the glass jar containing your ingredients. This is in contrast to those tall professional blenders where you have to hold the top lid while the motor is spinning. This concoction maker is hands-free immediately after you press the Shave-n-Blend button. It comes with a shot glass and salt rimmer. Although if you plan to carry it very often then you may even have to order a bag which will allow you to fit the DM1000 easily inside and then carry the bag where ever you like.

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