Sharp Carousel Microwave Oven

After reviewing convection microwave and toaster oven now we decided to review the simple carousel microwave oven for home. The product in review is Sharp Carousel Microwave Oven which stands as the best selling microwave oven for home use.

Sharp has introduced different Microwave ovens including stainless steel, special toaster oven, counter top, compact and commercial ovens. Among the counter top ovens sharp manufactured a carousel microwave oven which got much success among the compact microwave family. This oven was introduced in the market by the model name Sharp R-230KK 800-Watt 4/5-Cubic-Foot Compact Microwave which is available in two colors; Black and White.

This sharp carousel microwave oven is specially designed for small kitchens having less counter space. Its compact size measures 18-1/8 by 10-7/8 by 14-1/8 inches so that you can keep other necessary appliances on your kitchen counter.

One of the other features which makes it perfect for home kitchen is its power rating which is very low as compared to other microwave ovens. You can also adjust the power levels by selecting the power pad which will display the level on the display unit. The main display unit shows four digit numbers to display time in hours and minutes. This 800 Watt sharp carousel microwave oven can perform functions such as defrosting, reheating, softening and melting perfectly in a very short time as it has six reheat options where you can directly set the desired food option to reheat including casserole, soup, pizza, beverage, fresh rolls and muffins. Similarly, quick defrost is done by direct selection of respective food items like ground meat, steaks and poultry. You may also cook different recipes like baked potatoes, fresh vegetables, etc.

This is one of the best compact microwave ovens which gives you quick, even reheating and defrosting features either by manual setting or by preset. This is just because of carousel plate of 10-3/4-inch which supplies uniform heat to the food and hence the food defrosts or reheats evenly by receiving heat from every possible angle. The minute plus option available in this microwave helps you to increase cooking time in multiples of minutes so in case your food does not heat or defrost completely you can use this options instead of setting the timer from scratch.

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