Digital Probe Oven Thermometer by ThermoWorks


For those looking for a close to perfect oven thermometer and timer, they should search no more as this digital probe oven thermometer / timer is the best digital thermometer unit you can get for the price. This thermometer is a product by ThermoWorks who has manufactured many state of the art temperature measuring instruments for both domestic and commercial kitchen environment. Continue reading below to learn more about this cooking timer thermometer.

This ThermoWorks digital probe oven thermometer is designed in a way that it can easily stick to any oven and serves best when used as oven thermometer. Since it has an integrated timer so you need not to have an extra timer unit for organizing your cooking tasks. You can set your own temperature marks and when your food or oven reaches that temperature, the timer alerts you immediately. The cooking timer is not only used in conjunction with the temperature sensor but this cooking timer thermometer also possess countdown timer that is just about perfect for baking tasks etc.

This ThermoWorks oven thermometer and timer has adjustable alarm setting for 32 F to 392 F temperature range. The temperature sensing probe can be inserted in almost all kinds of food. Just make sure that the probe does not come in direct contact with the heating element. To further add to the features of this cooking timer thermometer, it has a sufficiently large LCD display which indicates temperature, alarm time and countdown timer all on the same screen without requiring to switch screens. The digits are also sufficiently large and can easily be read for few feet away.

This ThermoWorks digital Probe oven thermometer can easily be bought from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount which might jump back to normal at anytime.