Wine Aerator Pourer


Metrokane has been producing all sorts of wine accessories since 1983 and this handy wine aerator pourer is no different than its other products. It is a 2-in-1 wine aerator plus pourer that does the job in style with less hassle. Continue reading below to learn more about this Metrokane wine aerating pourer.

This 2-in-1 wine aerator pourer measures 2.5×2.2×7.6 inches and weighs about 1.5 lbs. Due to it simple design and ease of use, this rabbit wine pourer currently ranks no. 1 as the best selling wine pourer. This wine aerator is made of transparent plastic so that you can see the action as the wine is being poured. This wine aerator pourer inserts easily into bottlenecks without the need of any decanter.

This wine aerating pourer clearly indicates the wine aeration process through its transparent plastic aerator. The aerator improves wine flavor and odor without requiring the need of a separate wine aerator. This 2-in-1 wine aerator pourer separates easily for cleaning. Only hand wash is recommended by the manufacturer. For storage, the Metrokane wine aerating pourer comes with its own storage case so when not in use, you can safely store your aerator pourer in it.

Where To Buy ?

The Metrokane wine aerator pourer is available at (with FREE shipping) at a special 20% discount price till stock lasts.