Jello fruit salad
Preparation time : 10 mins + Freezing time | Serves 6 persons

This frozen fruit salad is one of the most attractive salad for everyone specially for children as it is very colorful due to use of different fruit jello mix. In this recipe of fruit salad some delicious summer fruits are used but you can use any kind of seasonal fruits in this recipe. The recipe is so easy and quick that everyone can try and there no special cooking skill is needed just make the jello mix with cream and fruits, freeze the mixture and enjoy it.


1 packet strawberry jello
1 packet mango jello
1 packet banana jello
2 ½ cup boiling water
1 ¾ cup cold water
1 mango cut into small pieces
1 peach cut into small pieces
½ cup grapes (black and green)
1 cup orange juice
250 ml whipped cream


1. Take a bowl and pour hot boiled water into it, mix all the jello mix including strawberry, banana and mango in the water and stir gently so that all the particles dissolved well in water.
2. Now add cold water and orange juice to the jello mixture and mix using spoon.
3. After that add whipped cream and all the fruits into the jello mixture and mix them evenly.
4. Transfer all the fruit mixture into a steel bowl and refrigerate until the salad becomes set. It would take hardly 1 hr to set so that you may serve the delicious fruit salad by cutting into pieces.