The most essential ingredients of haleem are meat and haleem grain mix, available at grocery stores. Grain mix consists of different grains including, wheat, oats, rice and all types of lentils in a measured ratio. To make good haleem it is necessary to always maintain the right ratio otherwise haleem would not be of good taste and color. In Pakistan, India and some other South Asian countries,  haleem grain mix is easily available at local grocery stores and people prefer to use it instead of adding individual grains. But for those who can not find it at grocery shops can use this recipe (ingredients) below for making their own haleem grain mix at home.  


1 cup chana dal (large yellow lentils)
1\4 cup masoor dal (small red lentils)
1\4 cup dal moong (small yellow lentils)
1\4 cup daal maash (Black Mapte Split)
1\4 cup oats
2 cups whole wheat grain
2 tablespoons rice, basmati


Just mix the above mentioned ingredients and use it for making haleem. This is for one kilogram meat only. For more quantity of meat vary the amount of grain maintaining the same ratio.