Mango Ice Cream
Preparation time : 15 minutes + freezing time | Serves 4 persons

This is one of the easy methods of making mango ice cream at home without the use of ice cream maker.The only effort which is needed in this ice cream recipe is to beat the ice cream mixture with the help of beater. This method is also less complicated than the typical method of ice cream making via ice cream machines. A dessert maker somewhat becomes necessary for making a splendid frozen dessert. So lets enjoy this summer with your home made mango ice cream


1. Dissolve milk powder in water to make milk of dense consistency.
2. Now in a blender put all the ingredients; mango pulp, condensed milk, fresh cream and milk. Blend them together to make a smooth paste. Use a hand blender for thorough blending of all the ingredients. At first just blend to mix the ingredients and then take out half of the mixture so that it blend well enough to make a very fine smooth paste. Similarly blend rest half of the mixture and then mix them together. Blending process would take 15 minutes.
3. Now in a deep plastic bowl, pour the ice cream mixture and cover it first with gelatin sheet and then cover the bowl with a lid. Freeze the ice cream bowl for at least 4-5 hours.
4. When it starts to freeze, take out the ice cream bowl from the freezer and then using egg beater, beat the ice cream mixture to make it fluffy, making sure the speed of beater is set to low. It is better to use whisker for this process. The beating would take at least 15 – 20 minutes.
5. After that cover the bowl with gelatin sheet and then cover the lid and put the bowl in freezer for over night and then enjoy the delicious mango ice cream the other day.


Beating is necessary after freezing so that ice crystals are not formed in your ice cream and for also maintaining its softness.