mango-cheesecakePreparation time : 30 mins. + Refrigeration time | Serves 6-8 persons

This mango cheesecake recipe is prepared with sponge cake base rather than graham cracker crumbs this become soft and more delicious. In addition with the sponge, it also utilizes curd cheese instead of cream cheese so it would be lighter than the typical cheesecakes.


For Sponge:

3 egg
3 oz caster sugar
3 oz flour
½ tsp vanilla essence
½ tsp baking powder

For Filling:

12 oz curd cheese
4 oz caster sugar
1½ tbsp gelatin
¼ cup water
½ tsp mango essence
2 cup cream whipped
3 egg whites
1½ cup chopped mangoes or as required


1. To prepare sponge, follow the recipe of sponge cake here.
2. To prepare filling, take a large mixing bowl and beat curd cheese with caster sugar till become smooth.
3. Then beat egg whites in separate bowl till stiff peaks are formed then fold the egg whites with cheese mixture along with whipped cream and mango essence. In the end dissolve gelatin in water and mix it with the batter.
4. Divide the sponge in two pieces, place one of a sponge piece into the cheesecake pan spread some of mangoes on on its top side, then cover it with prepared cheese filling, place another sponge piece and top with remaining mango chunks and then chill until it sets completely it would take 3-4 hrs.

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