Preparation time : 30 mins. | Serves 12-18 wontons

This is one of a easy recipe of wontons which are prepared by frying. These fried wontons are just like Asian Samosas or Rolls the only difference in wrapping. The wrapping of these wontons are prepared in the same way as pancakes so except wrapping technique everything is made simple in this recipe so do try these wontons at home and enjoy delicious Chinese snack at home.


For Stuffing:

1 tsp soya sauce
1 tsp black pepper
200 gm chicken pieces (boiled)
¼ cup spring onions (chopped)
½ cup cabbage (shredded)
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

For Dough:

1 egg
½ cup corn flour
1 cup plain flour
¼ cup oil


1. Boil cabbage in hot water for just 2 mins and then drain out all the excess water.
2. In a frying pan, heat 2 tbsp of oil and fry chopped spring onions for 1 min.
3. Then add chicken pieces and fry for 2 mins more.
4. When the chicken becomes light brown in color add cabbage, soya sauce, 1 tsp corn flour, salt and pepper and cook for 2-3 mins more. Remove the pan from heat and let the stuffing cool to room temperature.
5. Now make wontons by mixing the remaining corn flour half cup, plain flour, salt and egg and make smooth batter using 4-5 cups of water.
6. Now in frying pan heat 1 tbsp of oil and pour the batter just to cover the base of pan. When the batter cooks like thin pancake then remove it form the pan and insert the prepare stuffing on the cooked surface of pancake. Then roll the whole sheet and fold from the sides to get the shape of wontons. In order to properly seal the wontons apply the paste of corn flour or egg white at the corners while wrapping.
7. Similarly prepare rest of the wontons. Heat oil for deep frying and fry the wontons in batches until become light golden and crisp.

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