Preparation time : 15 min | Serves 4 persons

This sesame chicken recipe is prepared only with sesame garlic sauce without any other spices and tastes awesome.


400 gm chicken breast (cut into strips)
3 tbsp water
1 ½ tbsp cornstarch
1 medium size carrot (chopped)
1 medium size green capsicum (chopped)
1 medium size yellow capsicum (chopped)
1 spring onion (chopped)
1 ½ tbsp vegetable oil
1 medium garlic clove (minced)
½ tbsp ginger (minced)
8 tbsp sesame garlic sauce
½ tsp ground white pepper
2 tbsp sesame seeds (toasted)


1. Dip chicken strips in water and mix well so that all the water would absorb in the chicken.
2. Sprinkle corn starch on to the chicken and mix using hands to incorporate flour with chicken.
3. Stir fry veggies in oil on high heat for 4-5 min.
4. Add chicken strips, garlic, ginger, sesame garlic sauce and salt and pepper. Cook them together for 4-5 min more and stir in between.
5. Take out the sesame chicken in serving platter, sprinkle some toasted sesame on top and serve with boil rice or fried rice.