Cream PuffsPreparation time : 50 mins. | Serves 1 dozen cookies

These cream cookies are nothing but famous cream puffs. The method of preparing these cookies is simple and easy they only need time in baking. You can also use the ready made cream stuffing or heavy cream inside the puffs instead of making it home.


1 cup water
½ cup ghee
4 eggs
1 cup all purpose flour
Pinch of salt

For Stuffing:

2 cup cream
4 tbsp icing sugar
Few drops vanilla essence


1. In a sauce pan, heat water, ghee and salt together until ghee melt.
2. After that add flour and stir continuously to mix until the flour starts to leave the sides on pan.
3. Now remove the pan from heat and let it cool.
4. In a separate bowl beat egg one by one until become foamy.
5. Now mix the flour mixture into the beaten eggs to make a smooth paste.
6. Using tablespoon drop the batter on a greased baking tray keeping distance between each drop and then bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees F for 30 mins.
7. To make cream stuffing beat together sugar, vanilla and cream to make a thick batter.
8. When the cookies become ready cool them to room temperature.
9. After that take a piece of cookie and make a layer of icing on it and cover with another cookie, in this way prepare rest of the cream cookies and pour chocolate sauce on top before serving.

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