Pudding-PopsPreparation time : 20 min + Freezing time | Serves 10 pops

This yummy pudding pops recipe is prepared with chocolate pudding flavor and with choice of your cookies or shortbread whatever you want. You can also follow the procedure to add cookies as describe in the recipe or you can mix the cookies in pudding mixture just before dividing it in the pop mold.


3.5 oz instant chocolate pudding
2 cup milk
1½ tsp butter extract
5 buttery shortbread cookies or chocolate cookies (roughly crushed)


1. Using 2 cup milk prepare pudding according to package instructions.
2. Add butter extract to the pudding and then pour the batter carefully in the pop ice pop mold. Let them cool to room temperature.
3. After that sprinkle rushed cookies on top of each pops. Cover the mold, insert sticks in the center and freeze for overnight so that pops would get firm.
4. Then dip the mold in hot water for just few seconds and then remove pops from the mold and serve immediately.

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