black halloween punchPreparation time : 5 min. | Serves 24 glasses

This black Halloween punch is prepared with combination of grape juice, orange juice and ginger ale. Here in this recipe fruit mix is used which you can replace with fresh juice to enjoy good and fresh flavor. To give this punch a horrible effect, ice hand is used which is served in punch bowl and is prepared by freezing water filled glove.


1 small envelope unsweetened grape juice mix
1 small envelope unsweetened orange juice mix
2 cup white sugar
3 liter cold water
1 liter ginger ale
1 disposable glove for making ghost hand


1. Fill the disposable glove with water and seal the mouth of glove with rubber band. Freeze it till hard ice would form.
2. Now blend together rest of the ingredients and then pour in punch bowl.
3. Take out the freeze glove and place in slightly warm water for just few seconds so that the ice take out easily from the glove and then place in the punch bowl before serving.

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