Preparation time (approx) : 2 mins | Serves 1 person

Generally smoothies are made from fruits but it can also be made from dry fruits and yogurt. These type of smoothies that are prepared with yogurt are very common in Pakistan and India. Yogurt smoothie is called “Lassi” in traditional language and it is of two types one is sweet in taste and other is salty. Yogurt smoothie is very good for health.

1 cup yogurt
Sugar – to tase.
2 tbspn milk

Yogurt Maker with Glass Jars
Yolife Yogurt Starter
Lenox Tuscany Classics Fluted Champagne, Set of 4
Oxo SteeL Cocktail Shaker

1. In a blender mix all the ingredients.
2. Pour in glass and leave for few minutes in freeze