milk-smoothiePreparation time : 5 mins. | Serves 6 glasses

This milk smoothie is one of a famous summer drink in Pakistani cuisine as it consists of ingredients which are healthy and keep safe from warm weather. The main ingredient is tukh malanga or basil seeds which is very much healthy in summer.


1 ltr milk
4 tbsp basil seeds or tukh malanga (soaked in water for 15mins. to make them soft)
5 tbsp red syrup
2 cup crushed ice
Sugar to taste
¼ cup crushed pistachio
¼ cup crushed almonds


1. Pour milk, red syrup, sugar and crushed ice to the blender and blend till all ingredients mix well.
2. Then add almonds, pistachio and basil seeds to the milk and mix well using spoon.
3. Pour the yummy cool milk smoothie to the serving glasses and garnish with pistachio.

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