Indonesian-ChickenPreparation time : 45 mins. | Serves 8 pieces

This Indonesian chicken is prepared in a healthy manner, it only needs to marinate with the ingredients and then grill it on your grill pan or griddle. It can be served with fresh salad and sauce of your choice.


1 tsp crushed red pepper
1 tbsp ginger (minced)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
2 tbsp hoisin sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
8 oz chicken breast halves
2-3 tbsp oil


1. In a mixing bowl combine ginger garlic, lime juice, hoisin sauce, soy sauce and red pepper. Whisk them together to mix well.
2. Marinate chicken breast with the prepared marinade and leave for 30 mins. by covering it properly
3. After that heat grill pan with oil, discard excess marinade from chicken and grill chicken breasts in batches till become golden brown from both sides. It would require approx. 5 mins on each side.

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