Liquid Food Color by Americolor

Today our product in review is AmeriColor food colors which are used mostly in icing and other food coloring jobs such as decoration of other food items. Food colors are used for making your icing look even more attractive and thus enhancing the appearance of baked goods. Continue reading below to learn more about AmeriColor liquid food colors.

The AmeriColor Food color set consists of total 12 attractive colors each kept in a 4.5 oz bottle. The food color set includes Gold, Silver, Pearl, Copper, Bronze, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red and Lavender liquid food color. These icing food colors are in their most concentrated form and do not require to be made diluted or mixed with other substances in order to make them light in shade.

These liquid food colors can be painted with both brush and airbrush set and they tool very beautiful when sprayed on icing which is usually hard to color. Each liquid color is 4.5 oz which is sufficient enough for coloring lots of baked and other food items.

The other advantage of using the AmeriColor Food colors is that these are also very easy to clean in case you drop some color while spraying, just use water to clean the surface and that’s it. These are rated as the best selling food colors because of the fact that you only require few drops to make shades out of those 4.5 oz bottles. So you save yourself a lot of money of food coloring.

You can easily purchase the Americolor Food Color set from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price plus a bonus promotional offer which might end anytime.