Edible Gold Leaf For decoration

Talking about decoration with elegance and style, what else comes in mind other than those colorful icing and dusting jobs are those attractive looking edible leaves similar to the edible gold leaf book shown above. Used in decorating a variety of baked and non baked food, these are very popular when it comes to decoration of food for special occasions. Continue reading below to know where to buy gold leaf fo food decoration? more about this edible gold leaf.

This Edible Gold Leaf book consists of a total of 25 gold transfer leaves each made from 23K+ pure gold made in Germany. Unlike other low price and low quality edible food leaves, this one contains no toxins and no copper either. These come attached in a book with each gold leaf separated by a tissue paper.

The total area that can be covered with the help of this edible gold leaf book is 2 square feet with each single gold leaf measures 3-3/8 x 3-3/8 inches which is the most standard size used in the industry of food coloring and decoration.

These edible gold and other shiny and glittering leaves can be used to decorate cakes, pastries, fruits, confections and almost any food item because they stick to almost anything and do not affect the taste of the food because these are virtually tasteless as you will hardly notice its taste.

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