Best Kitchen Blender

Here we are going to talk about the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender BL201 which we don’t hesitate to call it as the Best Kitchen Blender. This is an updated version of Ninja Kitchen System Pulse BL204. Why we have given it such an extraordinary compliment because of its outstanding working which your heavy duty bulky food processor do by taking lots of time to assemble and acquiring too much space on your counter. Ninja eliminates all these worries and bring a blender shape food processor BL201 which can do chopping, kneading, blending, mincing, grating, crushing and even squeezing fresh fruit juices.
This Best Kitchen Blender by Ninja is a complete kitchen system which comes with the following unit :

  • 40 oz. processor bowl with storage lid
  • Two Nutri Ninja Cups with to go lids
  • Dough hook, Cookie dough paddle, extractor blade and total crushing blades
  • 550-watt Motor base

The system based on Pulse technology i.e. all the power is in your hands, do processing OFF and ON according to your need with a single push button rather than having multiple buttons with different speeds make you confuse. As mentioned above that you can perform most of your food processing tasks using this Best Kitchen Blender in just a matter of few seconds, we have provided you here a processing chart for your convenience so that you can pick right blade and bowl unit as per your requirement.

Where to Buy?

On the basis of above features we strongly recommend the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Blender BL201 for those who want to save their money and buy the perfect appliance for home. You can easily buy this Best Kitchen Blender from Amazon at price of just under $80 with Free Shipping. Some ninja blender deals of Ninja Master Prep Blenders are also available which offer best ninja blender at discount rates.