Besides having a elegant dinnerware for any outdoor or indoor party, beautifully designed colored glasses are also must have item. Colored glasses are preferred over transparent glasses because they don’t quickly get dirty as other transparent tumblers do. That is why we have picked some bestselling Colored Glass Dinnerware Sets of different types so that you can choose your favorite one and decorate your dining table in a professional manner.

Unbreakable Plastic Colored Glass Dinnerware Sets

Plastic tumblers are usually preferred over old fashioned tumblers because these last for longer. By using plastic glasses you can save your money in the sense that they are made unbreakable and you don’t need to buy them again and again. They can be used for every age gatherings because of their beautiful translucent color designs which have the look of glass but the durability of acrylic. Among the most beautiful designs of Colored Glass Dinnerware the three bestselling sets are mentioned below:

1. Restaurant-quality Iced Tea Cup Tumblers
Restaurant-quality Iced Tea Cup Tumblersbuy from amazon
This Colored Glass Dinnerware Set consists of a restaurant quality SAN plastic and is available in set of 8-pcs. The translucent luminescence color stackable tumblers measure 28-oz which is suitable for serving iced tea on an occasion like outdoor bbq party. The glass is made ergonomic that you can easily grip it in your hands even when sweet covers the exterior. You can buy this perfect restaurant quality colorful tumbler set from Amazon at price of just under $20 with Free Shipping.

2. Rhapsody Kids Unbreakable Plastic Juice Cup Tumblers

Rhapsody Kids Unbreakable Plastic Juice Cup Tumblersbuy from amazon
These unbreakable plastic juice cup size tumblers are made with Tritan material and have a capacity to hold 8-oz of liquid which is best for kids. You can use these colorful tumbler cups for serving juices for your kids. They are made with easy grip feature and are stackable so that you can accommodate them in your kitchen cabinet easily. This Colored Glass Dinnerware Set consists of blueberry, pink raspberry, purple grape and clearly clear at price of just under $15 from Amazon.

3. Colorful Wine Tumbler Set

Colorful Wine Tumbler Setbuy from amazon
This set of Colored Glass Dinnerware is made like formal wine glasses. They are designed with glass like acrylic material which looks more elegant. The stem is made little shorter than other footed tumblers but are very easy to handle. Each glass has a capacity of 12 fl oz liquid to hold safely. This 8-pc set of translucent colored glasses have the look of glass but the durability of acrylic. They are available at 6% discount rate on Amazon.

4. Multiple Size Plastic Tumbler Set

Multiple Size Plastic Tumbler Setbuy from amazon
These glasses are not much different from the above mentioned glasses except they are opaque colored glasses rather than translucent. This is the 12-pc set which consists of three different sizes and each size has set of 4 glasses. The three sizes consist of 10 oz. for juice, 20 oz. for water and 32 oz. for iced tea. If you have a family of four then this would be the perfect tumbler set for you and you can easily grab this Colored Glass Dinnerware from Amazon at price of just under $15.

In addition with the above acrylic tumblers you may also go for some other kind of Colored Glass Dinnerware set like the Old Fashioned Glass with dimpled sides and colorful base, and Unbreakable Retro Aluminum Tumblers which is available in set of 6. The aluminum glass set is best for any outdoor party because it consists of shiny bright color glasses which look glamorous. Both of these Colored Glass Dinnerware Sets are available at affordable price of

$14.99 for Old Fashioned Glasses
$20.80 for Retro Aluminum Tumblers
Old Fashioned Glassesbuy from amazon
Retro Aluminum Tumblersbuy from amazon