Cuisinart Rice Cooker

Cuisinart is a Kitchen genius as it has delivered large variety of kitchen appliances – Rice Cookers are also one of its product category which includes different models. CRC Cuisinart Rice Cooker is a nice consumer friendly design for easy to cook not only rice but also some other healthy meals.


CRC Cuisinart Rice Cooker has been designed for two sizes 4-cup and 8-cup, except difference in capacity all the features of the CRC models are same. The CRC-400 model is a 4-cup rice cooker which can cook up to 7 cups of rice. Similarly, the CRC-800 rice cooker has enough capacity to cook up to 15 cups of rice at a time. The cooker is a brushed stainless steel, square shaped cooker having rounded corners, chrome-plated handles, and a glass lid with a stainless rim, chrome knob, and steam vent hole.


The cooking container of the CRC Cuisinart Rice Cooker is a non-stick bowl with levels mentioned for correct measurement. As we mentioned earlier that its not only the rice cooker, therefore, a Stainless Steel Steaming Basket also comes with this rice cooker. You can do steaming vegetables, meat, dumplings, etc with this steaming basket. In addition with these bowl and basket, the package has a textured plastic paddle and a plastic measuring cup. The paddle is for stirring and serving so that your non-stick bowl lasts for long time and cup gives you the correct measurement of rice.

Function & Usage

The CRC Cuisinart Rice Cooker works in a simple fashion – the lever at the lower-right corner is given. When you lift-up the lever it starts cooking and when the cooking is finished the machine automatically switches to warm setting and also the light indicator shows the state of cooker either cook or warm. This Cuisinart Rice Cooker is mainly used to cook rice while the steaming basket allow you to steam different vegetables and meats. You can also do steaming and cooking simultaneously by putting the built-in tray onto the rice bowl while the rice is cooking.

Where to Buy?

The CRC Cuisinart Rice Cooker CRC-400 and CRC-800 both comes with a complementary recipe booklet and is available at 50% discount rate from Amazon online store with Free Shipping.