Electric Water Kettle By Aroma


Water kettle is one of the most common kitchen appliance which is used frequently. Two types of water kettles are available in the market one is stove top and the other is electric water kettle. While talking about the electric water kettle most of these kettles are available with fix base on which cord is mounted so it becomes annoying for anyone to pour liquid safely as power cord causes disturbance while handling. Aroma housewares manufacturer has introduced an electric water kettle “Aroma AWK-115S 1-1/2-Liter Hot H20 X-PressWater Kettle” having detachable base so that you can pour liquid easily.

Electric Water Kettle
This electric water kettle is designed ergonomically as its spout area prevent splashing of hot liquid while pouring, handles are made both for easy gripping and stay cool during heating. The base of kettle is circular in shape which supports kettle to grip in both right and left directions. Automatic shut off feature prevent extra heating or boiling of water which helps you to prevent from fire risk causes by continuous boiling of liquid.

The maximum available capacity of 1.5 liters allows you to not only boil water in this electric kettle but can also be used for hot tea, soups, instant coffees, oatmeal, hot chocolate, noodles, baby formula and more. You can easily check the quantity of liquid by water-level indicator gauge behind the handle. Besides these designed features, the one which I guess the most inspiring feature is that it has removable mesh decalcification filter which filters out all the mineral impurities from the water and thus gives you pure water to remain healthy. This spout filter could be cleaned easily as mentioned in the manual available with the kettle.

You can easily buy this Aroma H20-X Press Water kettle with Free Shipping at low price of just under $40 and also catch the list of best selling kettles which are updated at every 24 hours.