Portmeirion salad Bowl Set

Today our product in review is a piece of contemporary design, Portmeirion salad bowl. It is a very commonly used tableware item specially at homes. These salad bowls are manufactured by Portmeirion who have a history of producing attractive designs and this salad bowl set is no different. Continue reading below to learn more about this bowl set.

Portmeirion started manufacturing contemporary pottery designs from 1960 and due to its simple tableware design and attractive painted pottery these become very popular worldwide. Not only Portmeirion makes tableware but they also manufacture serveware, cookware, glassware and many other product lines. This Portmeirion salad bowl is one of their top selling tableware items worldwide.

It is a salad bowl set consisting of total 6 bowls. If you have a large family or you intend to serve more people in these then you might have to get more than one set. Each bowl in this set is exactly 5.5 inches in diameter and because of their sufficient size they can also be used to serve fruits, desserts and other similar items.

Every Portmeirion salad bowl is hand painted in order to maintain originality in design and keeping every possible detail to its maximum exposure. These salad bowls are very attractive looking and surely the ones you can take out everyday and have salad served in them. Because of the fact that these are stoneware salad bowls, these are not so difficult to clean. Every bowl in this salad bowl set is not only freezer, microwave, dishwasher safe but these are also oven safe up to 340 F.

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