Large baking Cooling Rack stainless steel

Today our product in review is a baking rack designed to cool all sorts of baked food such as bread, cake, cookie, muffin etc. It is a large baking cooling rack designed especially for those who make baked items either on regular basis or in large quantities in a single batch. Continue reading below to learn more about this cooling rack.

This baking cooling rack is larger than most of the small and medium size cooling racks. It measures 16 inch in length and 25 inch in width. This is a sufficiently large rack size to accommodate more than one cake or a few dozen cookies and muffins. The wire construction is such that it is very thin allowing more exposed area for the item to be cooled down.

The entire baking rack is made of stainless steel material of the fines quality that is being used worldwide in the food and dining industry. The baking cooling rack has curved edges which makes is very safe to be placed on counter tops in presence of kids. The baking rack also has four small yet very handy feet which makes this cooling rack 1 inch in height.

Since it is made of stainless steel, cleaning this baking rack is a snap. Either use a dry or damp cloth to wipe out any food deposits or simply place it in your dishwasher because it is also dishwasher safe. Unlike other metallic cooling racks, this one will never catch rust.

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