48 Knife Meat tenderizer by Jaccard


Features :

– Reduces the cooking time up to 40%.

– Makes the marinade absorb thoroughly for best taste.

– Durable 48 stainless steel razor sharp knives.

– This meat tenderizer tool has 3 rows having 16 knives each for tenderizing wider areas of meat.

– Works on chicken, pork, beef, veal , abalone, roasts, whole turkey and wild game.

– Complete ABS body that is light weight and never cracks or break due to aging.

– Protective cover for preventing accidental release of knives.

– This Jaccard 48 meat tenderizer is dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned manually.

– FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

Nothing seems to tenderize meat better than a professional meat tenderizer tool. Despite paying extra for cutting or tenderizing your meat or even using chemical tenderizers, a handy meat tenderizer like the Jaccard 48 meat tenderizer does not only save you time or money but it will also keep your meat healthy and in its original form. Have a look at some of the handy features of this easy to use meat tenderizer tool by Jaccard :

48 Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Knives :

Unlike meat hammers used for tendering meat that often deform the shape of meat, this meat tenderizer tool has 48 razor sharp knives distributed in 3 rows having 16 razor sharp stainless steel knives which will never alter the shape of your meat but will only puncture your meat cut and crease heat channels which also absorb the marinades thoroughly and will reduce the cooking time up to 40%. The end results is fork tender meat that is easy to chew and extremely tasty due to the penetration of marinades. Another plus is that the three rows of blades are very mush replaceable and you can easily get a single row for just under $5.

Which Meat You can Tender :

This meat tenderizer tool can be used on cheap cuts of chicken, pork, beef, veal , abalone, roasts, wild game or even a whole turkey. This is one tool that you can use all the time for making inexpensive cuts of meat into delicious and tender meat.

Safety Cover :

This tenderizer comes with a safety protective cover that completely covers the opening of razor sharp blades and thus nullifying any chances of accidental release of blades.

Easy To Store And Clean :

Weighing less than a pound and measuring the size of a hand, this meat tenderizer can be stored easily anywhere as it does not take much space. Cleaning this tool is also very easy as it is completely dishwasher safe and you can also clean it separately by placing it warm water for a while and then washing it with hot water to remove any bacteria caused by raw meat.

Availability and Price :

This handy meat tenderizer tool by Jaccard is easily available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) for a price just under $30.

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